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Supportive Anthroposophic Therapies for Coronavirus -> Compresses for COVID-19

COVID-19 disease, also known as the coronavirus, continues to present major challenges to nursing care.
In cases where the illness takes a severe course, the clinical picture is characterized by infiltration of both sides of the lungs, as well as viscous mucus, similar to obstructive bronchitis.

The following compresses are suitable as part of the overall therapy:

Often patients do not drink enough during such a serious illness. A good possibility for fluid substitution when no i.v. or s.c. infusion is available is a rectal enema with chamomile tea or physiological saline solution (0.9%). Here is a description of Enema for Children. A description for adults is being prepared. You can find the description for adults here.

We wish you much strength for this special time!
The Editorial Group of the Vademecum of External Applications