External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing

Ferrum Metallicum 0.4% Ointment, Plumbum Metallicum 0.4% Ointment

Lead ointment and iron ointment
Plumbum ointment: 10 g. contain: Plumbum metallicum trit. D1 0.4 g; ointment base:
viscous paraffin, Protegin® WX (yellow vaseline, ceresin, hydrogenated castor oil, glycerol monoisostearate, polyglycerol-3-oleate), yellow vaseline, purified water.

Ferrum ointment: 10 g. contain: Ferrum metallicum trit. D1 0.4 g; ointment base:
yellow paraffin, viscous paraffin.

Guiding principle

Lead has an ability to form boundaries, to demarcate. In the human organism, lead forces facilitate structuring and ordering processes. Another characteristic of lead is its relationship to warmth.

Iron, in connection with the activity of liver bile, supports the stabilization of mental processes, such as courage and will power, and gives an incarnating impulse.

Lead processes and spleen activity show in a similar way the ability to differentiate and form structures: lead as protection against penetrating radiation, the spleen as an organ of immune defence, and as a regulator of digestive activity.
The iron process is associated with the liver and gall bladder. Iron is the physical basis for breath and energy. It binds oxygen and contributes significantly to metabolic activity.

Indications and application

Allergic diseases




Chronic fatigue syndrome

Convalescence during cancer treatment

Flatulence in connection with poorly tolerated food

Intestinal and stomach pain