External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing

Aurum/Lavandula comp. Ointment

Oleum aethereum Lavandulae 10%, Lavender massage oil
10g contain: Aurum metallicum praeperatum Dil D4 1g / Lavandulae aetherolum 0.03g / Aetheroleum extractum e floribus Rosae damascenae et centifoliae 0.03g

Guiding principle

Gold can be stretched almost endlessly and rolled into gossamer thin layers (gold foil), yet it is at the same time twice as heavy as lead. Gold, like the heart, has the capacity to establish a balance between concentration and expansion. The substance is augmented with rose blossom essence and lavender oil.

Standing next to a blossoming rose we are enchanted by the loveliness of its velvety, richly coloured petals and unmistakable aroma. The abundant leaves, discreetly covering the sharp thorns, give evidence of the strong life forces of this plant, which are further confirmed by the sturdy root stock, firmly anchored in the ground.

The aroma of lavender wafts through it all, rounding it off. The wonderful blue of lavender reminds us of Provence, or of a summer sky, with its unending vastness, which can be mirrored in the soul and manifest as deep relaxation. The plant raises its blossoms far above its leaf region (the vegetative region) concentrating essential oils in them – in the human being the effect is one of loosening any cramping in the autonomic nervous system.

These qualities are also immediately noticeable when an ointment compress is placed on the heart. The skin and nose, as sense organs of the nervous system, perceive the effect. The ointment's calming and relaxing influence soon becomes apparent, as well as an accompanying lightening of the mood of the patient.

Indications and application

Accompanying the dying


Anginal complaints

Anxious nervousness

Biographical crisis

Cardiac arrhythmia

Crisis situation with seriously ill patients


Dying process

Exam anxiety


Heart complaints, vegetative




Milk production

Obsessive thoughts


Panic attacks

Postoperative brief reactive psychosis

Postoperative delirium

Sleep disorders