External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing

The Idea behind the Vademecum for External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing

In the autumn of 2009 an editorial group was formed within the International Forum for Anthroposophic Nursing (IFAN) with the aim to collect the rich experiences that nurses, therapists and physicians gain in their daily work.
Inspired by the “Vademecum Anthroposophic Medicines”, we would like to collect your experiences with external applications and make them available to interested readers once they have been edited. We have chosen to use the internet as a vehicle for this project because it offers flexibility and allows for new publications to be added directly. The shared address "www.vademecum.org" shows the connection between these two projects.

The guidelines offered on this website have been written by our editorial group and they incorporate several decades of experience and research at the Clinic for Homeotherapy (specializing in homeopathic-anthroposophic medicine) affiliated with Klinikum Heidenheim in Germany. Users are of course free to use their customary methods on their own responsibility.

Call for contributions

To enable us to build up this treasure of experience with external applications we ask nurses, therapists and physicians all over the world for their active contributions.
Many nursing professionals worldwide work with traditional natural healing approaches every day. The Vademecum External Applications would like to collect these applications with their effects or side effects in a questionnaire and make them available to readers.
Please also encourage your colleagues to take part. You can return the questionnaire by email, mail or fax. The editors are looking forward to this important joint venture.

International Forum for Anthroposophic Nursing (IFAN)

Anthroposophic Nursing has grown worldwide over the last years and it is represented within this International Forum by circa 60 nursing professionals from all five continents. This Forum also includes representatives of national associations for Anthroposophic Nursing. It organizes nursing and class conferences at the Goetheanum and develops criteria for further training and ongoing professional development in Anthroposophic Nursing.