External Applications in Anthroposophic Nursing

Arnica 30% Ointment

The official name of the Weleda Arnica ointment has been changed to "Bumps and Bruises skin salve"
10g contain (according to the manufacturer): 6g  of ethanol. Tincture from Arnica montana, fresh whole plant

Guiding principle

Arnica montana
Picture: Anne Sommer-Solheim

Arnica grows in the mid mountain ranges, where it is exposed to the raw forces of nature: warmth and light, cold and wind. Its flower appears to be ruffled or "deformed" by these forces; nevertheless it stands upright, linking its vigorous root to its radiant yellow flower (with a tinge of red). The stalk is covered by fine silvery hairs and has few leaves. The entire plant is permeated by a strong, aromatic oil, which is especially concentrated in the root. Arnica alleviates pain and has an ordering effect on haemorrhages caused by blunt injuries, stimulating the recovery of damaged tissue.